What Land Trusts Do

What Land Trusts Do

The decision to protect land is very personal to a landowner that often involves family, work, financial, and lifestyle considerations. A decision about whether and how to protect land is personal to each landowner. There are several factors to consider, and it can take a long time to reach a decision. And that’s fine.

Why work with a non-profit land trust?

A land trust can be an effective partner with a landowner to think through the various options. Land trusts help landowners fulfill the landowner’s dreams for their land.

That’s what we do.

Land trusts partner with voluntary landowners who want to protect their land now and into the future. The landowner is in the driver’s seat, working with conservation partners to find the best fit for the landowner and land.

Check out the For Landowners page for more information on the tools to protect land and the benefits to the landowner.

The Missouri Land Trust Coalition (MLTC), an unincorporated association of land trusts and their partners across Missouri.

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