Missouri Land Trust Coalition

Missouri Land Trust Coalition

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Missouri Land Trust Coalition is an association of land trusts and our partner government agencies and nonprofits, working to protect a wide variety of natural, community, recreational and farm landscapes across Missouri. Learn more about MLTC, what land trusts do and where they work, and why working with a land conservation organization might be a great way to protect your land.


A land trust is a special kind of nonprofit that protects lands for a wide variety of purposes, including natural resource value, community benefit, open space, outdoor activities, agriculture, and more.

Land trusts utilize a variety of legal and financial tools, such as conservation easements, to help landowners protect their lands, farms, and ranches. Learn more and read our FAQs about what land trusts do both in Missouri and across the country.

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Photo Credits - Marlborough Park - Ivan LaBianca


The land trust community includes over 1500 nonprofit organizations protecting more than 61 million acres of lands and waters across America. We’ve compiled a list of resource materials to help you learn about the land trust world, and how we protect a wide variety of lands.


We are the land trust community in Missouri. We partner with landowners – farmers, ranchers, and nature enthusiasts – to protect the resources of their land.

We strengthen Missouri conservation by building connections and advancing policies that help protect our natural world—our forests, water, wildlife, open space, and family farms —for all people, forever.

Click below to learn more about MLTC, Members Land Trusts, Associate Members & Where We Work.

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Access a list of land trusts and their partners that work across various parts of Missouri, and contacts if you’d like to chat with Missouri Land Trust Coalition’s leadership.
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